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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently asked questions about Shared Hosting

  • 01 What is domain registration?

    The process of reserving a distinctive name for a website on the internet is known as domain registration. This name, such as www.example.com, is used to identify and locate the website.

  • A domain registrar or a web host are two places where you can register a domain name. You must do a domain name availability search, select the domain you want to register, and provide your contact and payment details. After completing the registration process, you will own the domain name as yours for a set period of time, usually one year.

  • Think about the target market, your brand identity, and the goal of your website when selecting a domain name. Avoid utilising numerals or hyphens in the name and go for a name that is simple to spell and remember. Choosing a domain name extension like.com,.net, or.org that is appropriate for your website is also crucial.

  • Depending on the domain registrar and the domain name extension, domain registration fees change. A domain name typically costs INR100 to INR2000 per year, although some premium domain names can run into the hundreds or even thousands of rupees.

  • The average duration of a domain registration is one year, although you may opt to register your domain for up to ten years in exceptional circumstances.

  • Yes, you are always free to change the registrar for your domain. You must get an authorization number from your current registrar and unlock your domain before you can transfer it. The transfer can then be finished by giving this code to the new registrar.

  • If you don't renew your domain registration, other people will be able to register your domain name. Your website and email accounts connected to the domain will stop working, and you will lose ownership of it.

  • Private registration is a service provided by some domain registrars that enables you to keep your private information, including your name and address, private. Instead, the domain's public WHOIS database contains the registrar's contact details. Private registration typically carries an extra cost.